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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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. san jose has seen an increase in violent crimes over
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the past decades, about 3 homicides for every 12,000 people. the police department makes these statistics available online. bedbugs. we reported bart had complaints over the year including one for bedbugs. we asked bart. bart says 17 complaints were for odor. 3 for urine or blood, 3 for trash. 2 for insects, one for fleas, one for bedbugs. bart received the train -- removed the train for cleanliness. no bedbugs were found. posted this surveillance video. they say the people that broke
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into the walgreens store stole 5700 bucks of cigarettes. that means the thieves managed to get away with more than a thousand packs of cigarettes. police say they want anyone with information about this crime to give them a call. it happened about 4:00 in the morning. a community still uneasy after a boy was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. killed last october by a sheriff's deputy in santa rose a who thought lopez was carrying an assault rifle. it was an air gun. katy. >> there will be another march in honor of andy lopez starting at 6:00. it will end here at the memorial for lopez. this case is clearly an open wound in this community and has become a distraction in school. some 3500 walked out of school. they are upset about the
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ongoing comments about andy lopez within the school walls. he is the 13-year-old shot by a sai gnome a -- san ohm a deputy. from cook middle school the students moved on to the allen high school campus. the march prompted a half hour lock down. the students tell me they are upset about the complicated way the case is still talked about. >> it is still painful. >> they still talk about him. >> why does she need to say her opinion, especially when it hurts so much. >> now it's been 6 months and half the kids their grades have dropped because they have got so much going on in their mind. >> the students march to do memorial which is the area where the shooting happened.
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santa rosa police say they are taking care of disciplinary actions for the students who walked out. we reached out to the school district for comment. they tell me the superintendent plans to release a comment tomorrow and will get back to us then. meanwhile that march starting tonight and ending here at the memorial. live in santa rosa. a san francisco man is facing serious charges after a bomb scare which led to evacuation. police stopped 45-year-old eric smith for speeding on mason street. after he pulled over a police dog smelled marijuana. he told the officer he had a pound of march in his truck to -- marijuana in his truck to deliver to a medical marijuana patient. the officer called for a bomb squad.
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he thinks the officer. >> he asked me if i had any knives or. i said i had a firework in the bed of my truck. >> the bomb squad removed the explosives and detonated them. police also searched his apartment. he is charged with possession of illegal substances. >> today is earth day and people have been marking the occasion with events. the salt park project got some attention today. volunteers rolled up their sleeves and did some painting. congressman eric of pleasanton was on hand and said the project will go beyond just helping birds and other wildlife. >> we are going to have thousands of people out here every month seeing this beautiful bay. in a couple of years we're going to be able to let the public out here for the first
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time in 150 years and this also provides flood benefits. >> the project began 10 years ago. it's expected to take another 40 years to complete. >> the biggest question about that stow aware teen, how did he do it. >> i will show you. >> the possible answers found inside the landing gear of a boeing 767. blaming a certain type of tree for itchy noses. why the city planted those trees. the winds are continuing to crank up. how you can feel powerful gusts on the road. [ man ] they're big. strength we can count on.
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river. how long they will do this and how much it will cost rate payers all depend. supplies water for about 1.3 million customers. that encompasses richmond and san ramon. alley was at their meeting to explain what's going on. >> work on 400,000 households and businesses get their water from east bay 34ud mud and starting next month some of that will be coming from a different source. >> it showed up like running water while you're brushing your teeth or something like that. >> owner heeded the call to conserve during the drought. he started soaking the dishes. his water bill dropped. >> it's just kind of like a smarter way for us to operate.
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>> ifin february mud bay customers cut and so far in the first 21 days of april they have cut water usage by. >> turning out to be the second driest month on record. >> all those in favor. >> today the board voted unanimously to begin piping in water as part of the free port package. >> in the past without the access to free port water might be looking at rationing. but this year not an option. >> starting in may about 5 billion-gallons of water will come from the sacramento river. it will keep flowing until june to bring up to capacity. the extra water will cost $8 million but the district already budgeted for that
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expense so rates won't change. in june -- will go into effect. then in september the board will reevalate. if customers don't continue to conserve may have to tap into the sacramento river water again. >> once the water starts coming in customers shouldn't notice anything different about it. some customers may notice a slight change in the way it tastes. we have dedicated a special section to california's drought. you can see our report on how this drought is forcing firefighters to take action. a new government report finds those with student loans could wind up in trouble. language in student loan contracts does give lenders the
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option to automatically default on a loan under certain circumstances. those include the bankruptcy or death of a cosigner. the big weather story right now is the wind. if you go outside grab something and hang on. >> take a look at the picture from san francisco. if you look closely you can see the waves out on the bay. if you have a ferry ride you're going to notice it on the bay. look at the bowie out there. you can see the winds tilting the. we have rain out there. .05 in ben -- out in the pick lining up to -- pacific lining up to bring us another shot as we go into later in the week. 26 miles per hour.
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those are sustained winds at oakland right now. we have wind gusts at the san francisco airport if you look right here. 38 miles per hour west wind. that's the guest. the so extended -- so sustained wind is 26. when the winds die down temperatures will be cold. 42 in nap a. i think we could see some upper 30s. that is down right cold for the kids as they go to school. so tomorrow morning you will notice a much cooler temperature. san jose right now 61 degrees. we dropped some places yesterday 15 degrees. some places today dropped. tomorrow in san jose you start to warm up a little bit. you start off chilly at 46. so cool start for everybody. high pressure sets up tomorrow
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and starts a slight warm up. not back into the 80s, just slightly warmer wednesday and thursday. as we head into friday this dropples -- drops down. looks like the weekend may be fine, dry. but friday it looks like we're going to see some significant rainfall. so we'll watch that for you. that's friday. so if you have got plans outdoors they may not be happening. you may have to do some counseling there. slightly warmer tomorrow. dry on thursday. here comes friday. at one point looks like could get involved. a quarter of an inch ever rain would -- of rain would help. or if you are like me, i want to water ration -- don't want to water ration.
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friday's rain not much at all. the spca is taking care of 4 adult dogs and 01 puppy -- 10 puppies that we are rescued. they were found in dirty crates inside a parked car yesterday. some crates had as many as 4 dogs inside them. the dogs' owners told the spca she planned to sell the dogs for $4000 each. why some say there's still a chance the team will stay in the east bay. now to julie with what we're working on. an ugly battle between a district and one of it's schools with students caught in the middle. we explore the charter school fight starting with accusations of unfair tactics.
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today nature needed a bigger helping hand in making sure that a key species of fish survives. >> this morning us fish and wildlife managers brought in fish. as we reported in the past,
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they released large batches of the tiny fish. 3/4 of a million strong. in a warmer year would be released farther upstream but there's not enough water for them to survive. >> water levels are low, temperatures are probably extreme so normally we release our fish upstream today we will release them near san. >> say they can't remember a year when so many fish had to be trucked to the sea. they say will increase the surviving rate. they expect only about 1% of the fish will make it back to spawn. will release some 4 1/2 million. tesla has released its first order of cars to china. the palo alto car company says will build charging stations
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and service centers in china. the government has been pushing the electric car. says tesla plans to start work next year on charging stations. the county department of revenue says it has nearly $244,000 of unclaimed money. now they are trying to find the 16 160 people. the money comes from a variety of sources. to see if you are owed money from the county go to -- a new look at what it would be like inside the wheel well of a jet. the position you would likely have to be in to survive. google is offering a big prize. what it wants in return. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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just south of at&t park.
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the station is being privately financed. say they are looking forward to the move. >> we are coming to san francisco. we plan to be open in 2018. we are looking forward to the balance of our seasons. and we are going to welcome those fans and the workers to our new arena. >> the proposed arena will fit some 18,000 seats. but the nba team is leaving its oakland stadium behind and many fear. >> rob is at the oakland coliseum where some aren't giving up on keeping the warriors. >> the plan is for them to move in 2018 but an oakland official says there's still a glimmer of hope the team may stay in town. >> the message on the back of this fan's t-shirt says protect
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warriors ground. he means oakland, not son frisk. >> i -- san francisco. >> i don't really want to take it. >> the golden state warriors have been playing in oakland since 1971 but never adopted the city's name. still some say losing them will be a punch in the stomach. >> serves on the coliseum authority. the governing board. >> they are still in our view, there are still many hurdles and we still feel if we can offer a better deal we'll keep them. >> we intend to go open in 2018. we are looking forward to the balance of our seasons at oracle arena and we are going to welcome those fans and the workers. >> the team mays 2 1/2 million dollars in rent a year.
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at least one oakland a players said he would. >> the guys on our team are pretty big warriors fans and know a lot of the players. so definitely sad. >> there are fans here that have been faithful for a long time. i'm bummed they are living. >> the mayor declined our request for an interview, but she sent this statement. she said if the warriors owners change their minds about moving the offer is still open. on -- we have posted the full video of what the new stadium is supposed to look like. also this story is stirring up the conversation on social media. dozens of students of a charter school walked out of
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class today to protest the removal of the school's principal. students of nia community learning center say their principal was escorted off the campus. they say the governing board has not provided answers as to why their lead facilitate or was removed. decline to do give any details on the matter. for the first time a woman will be the police chief of the city of -- also the city's first la tina. 3 homicides reported this year. there were none reported last year. she starts the new job next put monday. returning now to the incredible story of that teenage stow away surviving a flight in a wheel well.
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gary tuckman takes a closer look. >> this is san francisco aviation where airlines all over the world bring planes they are not using any more. we are going to demonstrate how someone would get in a wheel well. this is the door that is closed. but there is a way to sneak in a hull and we will show you. someone who wanted to get in the wheel well would get on one of the two tires. climb all the way to the top right here and this right here is where an opening would be to climb into the landing gear wheel well. once someone would climb in that hole they would end up here and i'm going to show you what happens when they climb through the hole. this is the wheel well area and we are told there is only one place to sit where you possibly could survive because when the
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two huge wheels move in there is no room except right here in this spot. and this is where the experts say you would have to sit with the knees close to you and this is the only place where you could possibly survive. there's nothing stupider in the world to do but this is where you can do it. >> gary tuckman reporting there. police in san francisco are investigating a double stabbing that happened around 1:30 this morning. the 2 men were stabbed multiple times at a club called the garden of eden. it is a place where police have made large strides. >> they seem to be happening less frequently but like i said before i think it's inevitable that these types of things happen. especially when you have
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testosterone and alcohol. >> police r still working to find a motive for stabbing. a head on collision near brent wood be sends 2 people to the hospital. it happened around 2:30 this morning in an unincorporated area. a pickup truck and minivan collided. say the 2 people were injured. there is no word on the extent of the injuries but officials say both victims were conscious and alert following that crash. advising people not to swim at a beach in monterrey. high levels of -- make unsafe for swimming. the bacteria can include marine life, humans. the advisory will remain in place. a solution for one problem may be causing another.
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the unusual fact about urban trees that may be making your allergies worse. should race play a role as to who gets into college and doesn't. a major deadline in the case of a missing airline but this one is about finding who is responsible. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone.
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american attorneys have begun contacting victim's families from malaysian airlines. it marked the end of a 45 day waiting period under a u.s. rule that prohibits lawyers from reaching out to family victims of a -- can now -- aviation experts say as long as there is no wreckage it would be difficult to make a claim against boeing. an underwater drone turned out nothing. primary elections are a couple of months away and that means ads will begin airing but a case in front of the supreme court today says if they can lie in those ads, they have laws that make it a crime to lie. california is not one of those
5:41 pm
states. the high court could say the law is invalid or return the case to a federal judge in ohio. it would then be challenged as a violation of the first amendment's guaranteey of freedom of speech. >> somehow a handful of folks in ohio can. >> the justices are expected to make a decision sometime this summer. on his way toation a the president today stopped by the grim scene of that landslide in washington state. the landslide killed 41 people. the president toured the devastated area and met with first responders as well as families who lost loved ones. the clean up and recovery is still on going. hethe president is headed to asia. it's a chance to win 25
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huntsdz -- $2500 and a trip to. tree facts. after the break i'm talking about that next chance for some significant rain in the area. i'll have the specifics.
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today marks the 10 year anniversary of pat tillman's
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death. you will remember he was killed in afghanistan in april of 2004. the u.s. army initially reported he had been killed by enemy fire but then the pentagon later admitted he was actually killed by his troops in a case of friendly fire. he gave up a career in the nfl to sign up. there's an increase in the amount of californians in dangerrer of losing their homes. increased 4% from this time one year ago. just over 19,000 quality notices were -- default notices were filed across our state. may be because after new law. say that may have been a drop. overall the foreclosure trend, though, is downward. new at 5:00, is becoming a
5:46 pm
problem. as john fowler discovered it may be the sex of the tree that may be the root of the cause. john. >> it's spring and of course trees are trying to reproduce. and depending on the type of tree there could be lots of pollen in the air and that -- suddenly with today's wind, allergies. >> eighths hard to breathe. >> tree pollen is spiking right now. experts tell me the drought is one reason. >> my nose starts to run like crazy and i sneeze. >> the problem made worse by urban trees. experts tell me the vast majority are male and produce pollen. i confirmed today berkeley selected only these male trees to avoid the problem of dropping fruit. >> it backfired because
5:47 pm
everybody is allergic to the pollen. >> if you want a tree you have got to pay the price, either with your allergies are walking on smelly fruit. >> told me most trees are -- have both male and female parts but for those die ears species, most cities have ordinances prohibiting female trees in public areas. >> slippery fruit is a hazard. pollen is a hazard of another kind. perhaps less deadly. >> but some urban hjorth cult rests tell me the male dominated trees are in fact a bigger health threat. they are pushing for cities to allow more diverse trees to reduce the kind of suffering we
5:48 pm
are seeing today. as many of us slept through last night's showers, tahoe was getting snow. sent out this video this morning. they say they got about 4 to 6 inches of snow last night. the resort closes in just a few days. that means water in the reservoirs. >> as we go into friday i think we're going to see more snow up there. i think we could see another foot of snow. last night's rain was enough to glaze the road ways for this morning but you can see san francisco at .02. mountains kind of dictate how much rain they are going to get. i'm sure there was more certainly as you go north. these were the highs today and
5:49 pm
temperatures took a further drop today. today we dropped another 10 or so degrees. 66 in liver more. so as we look at the imagery here. these winds, see where there's no fog. the coastal fog is just chewed up when you get winds like this. so no fog at the coast or tomorrow. i think it's going to take a while to reform. the strong winds out there gusting are going to make for a very cool tonight. the other thing the strong winds too do, too. you get the strong winds and you get something known as up welling and that's where rich water comes up to the surface. bait fish and things but the temperatures are going to go down to 52. in some places around 49. 43 in nap a. so we've had
5:50 pm
colder overnight lows but this time of year it's going to feel down right frosty when you get going tomorrow with the kids, especially in so sai gnome a valley. 62 is your daytime high as you go through the day there in the inland bay valley. so another mild day. high pressure sets us back up tomorrow for certainly warmer than today and a little warmer on thursday and then on friday it all changes around as this weather system brings us some opportunity for some showers. so we'll be tracking that. sort of the weather story is that system coming in and bringing us some significant rainfall in some north bay places. so we'll watch that. here it goes, a couple of days dry but not that warm. temperatures come back down on friday and another opportunity
5:51 pm
for some scattered showers and johnny was doing that story on the allergies, this little rain last night very helpful. tomorrow it will be a different story because it's going to dry out and the pollens are going to dry out. >> a lot of people miserable. there is a big rule change coming to san francisco's ocean beach t. national park service wants bonfires to be put out an hour earlier. the park service also plans to install safer fire pits and patrol the beach more often. changes are expected to go into effect on memorial day weekend. should race play in who gets into college.
5:52 pm
treating a park like their personal salad bar. >> the health issues could be significant. the damage left by foragers and what police are hoping will. plus, reducing in antiobiotics in food. to combat a potential health threat to humans. these and more stories are coming up. [dad] [laughs]
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[boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing]
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google has an offer. figure out how to use google glass in their work and get a pair in return. get a pair, a free trip to google and a 25,000-dollar grant. already conservationists at the world wildlife fund are using for hands free research and researchers in nay pal use the device to protect the one honored ryan oh. there's now talk to apple and nike could be teaming up to make a wearable product. a wristband that measures physical activity and just last week nike announced layoffs to its fuel bound team. that's evidence that may be partnering up with apple. a major decision by the supreme court on affirmative action on college campuses.
5:56 pm
the court says a michigan law does not violate the u.s. constitution. california was the first state to approve such a ban. as justin gray reports this ruling means more are likely to follow suit. >> the ruling by the supreme court says that states can make decisions about affirmative action at the ballot box. writing for the majority anthony kennedy said 7 states including -- but now legal experts believe this could open the door for more states to follow with their own ballot initiatives. >> when a supreme court decides a case it often elevates on the
5:57 pm
political issue. it could stimulate activities in other states. >> richard lem pert says this is just the latest in a series of rulings by the court dialing back. places an unfair burden on mineties because -- minorities because race matters. the law contains no long to prevent. the court ruling likely shuts the door for further legal action. california voters approved the ban back in 1996. it was the model for the michigan law which was the basis for today's legal decision. the 9th u.s. circuit upheld the ban on affirmative action.
5:58 pm
the devastating ferry accident as the death toll climbs. with about 190 people still missing divers continued the search for bodies. 9 crew members including the captain have been arrested. meanwhile stories of her owism -- her ohism. it was okay for police to stop a suspected drunk driver even though the officer didn't see him breaking the law. in 2008 police stopped lorenzo based on an anonymous 911 call. a woman said she had been driven off the road by a drunk driver. his lawyer argued that it was an illegal search but in a 5-4 decision the court ruled that
5:59 pm
his rights were not violated because the officer had reasonable suspicion that he was intoxicated. now at 6 he was found bound and undressed next to his big rig with the engine still running. the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of a truck driver. as firefighters try to save these homes. >> those with. severe conditions and tell you what firefighters had to do to stay safe. foraging for food. the unusual source some people are tapping to get a free meal and the danger it poses. this is ktvu channel 2 news. there are a few clues after a man was found tied up and next to his big rig, its engine still running. >> the man was found lying on the ground next to his big rig
6:00 pm
along monterrey road not far from the plant shopping center. joins us from the scene where homicide investigators spent the day carefully combing for clues. >> that's right and they don't have much to go on. they know the homicide happened here and they are hoping witnesses will come forward. >> workers made the gruesome discovery. a man restrained and unconscious lying in this parking lot. >> there was a gentleman bound with some zip ties in his hands. >> the tractor trailer is registered to big d out of antioch. ken palmer said it had been parked here on and off for the last few months. >> the truck was running like he was getting ready to take off. the first thing i did was call 911. >> san jose police responded followed by family


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